Significance of Power Yoga in Weight Loss

power yoga weight lossThere is always a confusion regarding power yoga. People usually ask “Does Power Yoga really help in reducing weight?” The answer is yes. It will definitely help you in toning your body shape as well as in getting rid of extra fat from your body. However, power yoga is little different from regular yoga. You can take power yoga as a cardiovascular workout. It is the most amazing solution for all problems regarding your weight.

If you really are in mood of reducing weight, do try power yoga. You will not only reduce some of your unwanted pounds but will also experience better mental stability and energy levels.

What do you mean by power Yoga?

Basically, it is a yogic workout and has its roots in Ashtanga Branch of yoga. So, it shares the benefits as well as qualities from traditional Ashtanga yoga. While practicing power yoga, you will generate heat and burn fat through your body as this process causes sweating.The regular practice of power Yoga will make you stress free, strong and flexible.

It is gaining popularity as it provides an excellent workout for the whole body. It is suitable not only for reducing weight, but also to keep one’s body fit and stress free. The cardio sessions along with aerobics are just a part of power yoga.

In simple words,one can say that fusion of traditional yoga with modernity is power yoga. The aim of weight loss and fitness is easily achieved on practicing power yoga for an hour.

Benefits of Power Yoga

Apart from regular benefits, it also offers the following benefits:
1) Burning a great amount of calories is the most exciting use of power yoga
2) It also helps in getting more and more focused.
3) Building strength and stamina
4)Toning the shape of body
5) Getting stress free life.

However, when you are pregnant or suffering from some injuries, do not go for doing power yoga as results can be harmful.

Ideal plan of power yoga for weight loss

Combining power yoga with cardio practices is a very good plan for achieving the target of sustainable weight loss. If you combine it with cardio workouts, then your weight loss target can be achieved faster.

Here we are going to present you some of the fantastic poses for Power Yoga which will help you in reducing your weight

1) Basic Squats: It is just the beginning which will help you in getting warmed up and becoming familiar with the exercises of cardiovascular workouts which will be doing later.

2) Downward Dog to Half Plank: It is a very demanding posture which will definitely need your inner strength. It helps in strengthening your abdominal muscles.

3) Downward Dog to small dog: it will help you inn strengthening the muscles of your shoulders.

4) Abdominal churning: It will help you in burning excess fat from belly region as well as hips. The main aim of this process is to tone up the lower part of body.

There are plenty of work out sessions of power yoga available on Youtube which you can follow for understanding power yoga better. You must gradually start increasing the time period which you allot to power yoga.