How to get started with weight loss?

start weight lossWe need control on our day to day habits to tackle various diseases and problems like sebum control is required for acne treatment, intake of sodium must be regulated for blood pressure control etc. Similarly we must regulate our diet and physical behavior in order to start losing weight.

If you are overweight, then you must surely have gone through plenty of articles on weight loss spread over the internet. Most of the articles on weight loss basically stick to two methods namely dieting and exercise. But some people want a quick fix which would neither require physical work nor dieting, hence they look out for weight loss supplements. The weight loss supplement industry is ever growing due to increased cases of obesity. There are many online complaints sites where you will find plenty of complaints about weight loss products and their manufacturing companies. Hence i always advise people that when it comes to weight loss, then you must have patience and must stick with traditional methods.

Since accumulation of body weight takes time, hence the process of weight loss also takes time. Any supplement taken to hasten the process of weight loss may render negative effects. Though herbal supplements are usually safe to use for weight loss, but there have been cases recently where chemical ingredients are added to herbal products in order to increase their efficiency. In such a case where choosing products have become so difficult, it is better to stick to proper eating habits and exercise for weight loss. Many problems can occur due to obesity like heart related problems, diabetes, constipation, acidity, heart burn etc.

If you are losing motivation to stick to dieting and exercise routine, then it would be better to join weight loss forums online. There are many weight loss forums where people share different methods which they are employing to lose weight. You can come across many “journey threads” on such forums where people take a challenge to lose X amount of pounds in certain number of days. By making such “journey threads” and joining such forums, you remain motivated to stick to the rules which you have made for weight loss. You will also find a community of people who are working for the same target as yours on these forums.

Apart from it, keep a tab on latest news and researches related to weight loss to keep yourself updated with what’s going on in this subject? You will find many motivational stories in current news related to weight loss. You can set up “Google Alerts” in your email to get you notified about latest weight loss related news articles.

One good method which is increasingly becoming popular for overall health of the body is “panch karma”. Panch karma is a process by which body impurities are flushed out and your body feels a better vigor and metabolism. You can google “panch karma centers near me” to find such centers where this process is performed. To share your views on this article, do post your comments below.

Why you must not strive for fast weight loss?

fast weight lossThere are many people who want to lose weight but they do not achieve results because they always look for quick methods by which they can lose weight in 1 or 2 weeks. Many people simply do not have the patience to do certain processes, they just look for an instant solution. One common method to lose weight is to take care of your eating habits and avoid eating junk and fried foods. Dieting may be hard for many over-weight people but one must remember that dieting will not only help you in reducing weight, it will also help you to avoid many diseases which result from obesity.

Many companies have exploited the emotional impatience of people looking for faster weight loss by providing sub-standard products. It is much better to lose weight in a slow and steady manner as it allows time for your body to adjust according to on-going changes. If you try to lose weight rapidly, then you may lose muscle mass too during this process which will have a counter-effective impact on your health.

Human bodies are designed in such a way that they automatically try to adjust to the environment and body processes as much as they can. But this does not mean that they will adjust to junk foods and unhealthy diets too. If you make a proper dieting routine, your body will feel uncomfortable for some time but eventually, it will adjust.

Along with dieting, if you include some mild exercises too, then the results can be achieved faster. For doing mild exercises, you neither have to go to a gym nor have to buy any expensive equipment. Jogging just 15-20 minutes a day and doing some yoga is enough to make your metabolism rate to work better than the present rate. Dieting combined with exercise is an effective and normal way to lose weight but it takes some time to show results. Ideally, i would say that you must wait at least 4-5 weeks to see results.

For doing basic exercises, you can head over to YouTube where you will find many videos describing basic exercises and their benefits. Eating raw foods and fruits is also good for your body because, during the process of cooking, we tend to add many spices and oils which reduce the benefits of cooked foods. Eating meat is not good for health as it takes longer time for digestion while vegetarian foods are easier to digest and are more suited to our body.

I would like to hear your experiences during your weight loss journey. If you have experiences to share, just comment below or contact me through the contact us section of our website.

Some Unconventional Ways for Weight Loss

While there are many blogs and websites which provide various tips and methods for weight loss, we have listed out some unconventional ways for weight loss below:

1) Stay motivated

It is common that people witness a decrease in motivation levels during the weight loss journey. In order to ensure that you remain motivated towards weight loss is by making a list of things which you can achieve better after having a proper body weight. You can also listen to motivational videos of people who have successfully lost weight.  You can have a photo gallery of people with “before and after” photos to reaffirm your faith in your ability to lose weight.

2) Join weight loss forums

Weight loss forums are a great way to remain in touch with people who are on a similar path. If you join any popular weight loss forum, then you will find various case studies of people who have witnessed drastic weight changes by sticking to their plans and they have plenty of experiences to share with you. However, one thing that you must keep in mind is that it is also possible to lose track of your own weight loss plans if you get attracted by weight loss strategy of other people every now and then. Also, make sure that you do not engage in debates and quarrels with other forum members who do not agree with your viewpoint. Use weight loss forum to your advantage, not for disadvantage.

3) Yoga

Yoga is being increasingly accepted all over the world for treating various kinds of diseases and problems including obesity. Yoga can be done in the comfort of your home and does not require any expensive equipments.  However, it must be remembered that most of the yoga practices are to be done on an empty stomach early in the morning and different yoga poses have a different set of precautions and rules which must be kept in mind. Some complex yoga practices must not be attempted without any guidance.

4) Thoughts

Thoughts are not just impressions on our mind rather they affect our body hormones too. If you are constantly fighting with negative thoughts and emotions, then this could cause stress which will, in turn, affect the proper functioning of your body and can also indirectly lead to weight gain. If you are unable to control your thoughts, then you can try meditation or prayer to ensure that your body is not negatively affected by your own thoughts.