Hi there. I’m Tanner.

I’m a proud father of 3 sons. I have a natural tendency to dig deeper into any content that comes across me i.e researcher minded. So i rely on evidence based research to take decisions on food, diet, natural products and even soap, face wash, trimmers etc.

Why this blog? In my intro, you will find that i am neither a nutritionist nor a doctor. I have nothing special to put after my name. I just have a hobby of writing up content after understanding various facets of it.

I have a friend, Johnson who is overweight and has tried many methods. I asked him to come up with a blog sharing his experiences, but he instead asked me to do so by taking his experiences. So this laid the foundation of floydcountyhealthdept-in.com.

But this blog will not be all about experiences, i will be posting other articles based on my research which i would find useful. Apart from that, this blog will also be posting articles from other contributors. So this blog will have articles from varied sources. If you too are excited to post your own article at this blog, just mail me at [email protected] and we will proceed thereafter.